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Hovden Fiskeindustri AS
Hovden Fiskeindustri AS is a whitefish, saltfish and stochfish producers. We are located in Bø i Vesterålen and in Kongsfjord in the Northen part of Norway.
The compay have 3 plantes, all located in the same district ; Hovden, Nykvåg and Straumsjøen.

The company was founded in 1995, and Hovden was bought the same year. Hovden have a long history and traditon, and have been one of the most important
harbour in the district trough many generations.
The location and the optimal climate in Hovden, makes Hovden a perfect harbour for our coustal fleet and for Stockfishproduction.

With short way to the richest fishinggrounds outside Bø and Vesterålen, Hovden is a natural harbour for many fishermen.

Hovden Fiskeindustri AS are stockfish and saltfish produsers. The mild climate and the windsteams makes Hovden perfect for stockfishproduction.

We also have our own production of other fish products like lutefisk.

Quality is very important to us, and our rutines for qualitysafety is highly prioritated. We take the trust our costumers gives us very seriously, and take pride in delivering quality our customers require.




Hovden Fiskeindustri As
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