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Stockfish from Hovden
Some of the richest fishing grounds in the world are situated along the coastline of Norway.
The North sea, the polar front in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea are all highly productive areas, and important fishing grounds for key fish stocks that spawn right outside the coast of Norway. The coastline is also particularly well suited to environmentally friendly fish farming, and the aquaculture industry has grown considerably in recent years, thus complementing the traditional fishing industry as an important source of income for the coastal areas.
Norway `s long coast, favourable natural conditional, clean water and unpolluted environment are importent factors which help explain why Norway is one of the leading fish exports in the world.

Our Stockfish is based on first class raw material caught in the ocean right outside Hovden.
As the Cod wanders right our side Hovden on it` s way to the Barents sea, and we harvest our raw material right outside our plants, witch make the fish used for hanging as fresh as it could be.
The sun and the wind-conditions are very important in the drying process, and we have excellent drying conditions in Hovden.
Drying fish is the oldest method to preserve fish, and it makes the fish last for years.



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